Dah berdebu dah aku punya blog nih. Dah lama tak menulis something. Usually when I did not post something, it means, that i have something important to do. And yes, i am not in KL anymore. Actually i’m typing this blog in a far away land and that land was called Limbang. Sandwiched between Negara Brunei Darussallam, Limbang has something unique..culturally. People here don’t speak in Bahasa Melayu Sarawak, they sounded more like Sabahan and it feels like i’m in Sabah right now. It’s unique.

And so here i am. As a government servant, i don’t really have a choice when it comes to job placement. Limbang is quite far from kuching. and to go back to kuching, i need to get on board on two planes. which is for me, it is quite a journey. First, go to Limbang Town from Tedungan, then head for the airport. get on board to Miri. And from Miri, baru fly ke Kuching. Agak tiring lah.

Anyway, all i wanted to write is actually about KL. I think I miss Kuala Lumpur so much. I had an relatively easy but empty life in Kuala Lumpur. Since i’m not into clubs or night scenes, for me, what i missed the most is my friends. i enjoyed watching movies, strolling in the massive malls, eating and trying some new food, go to the bookstore and savoring the smells of thousands and thousands of new books. Sometimes, I just sat there at the food court and watch the crowd. Learning their behavior..

Every time I see KLCC in the television, I always say to myself, “I’ve been there, in fact, I worked there once… ” I used to come to the office at level 34 and just seat at the corner of the office just to see the sun goes down. it’s a beautiful view. and i miss that. sometimes, Hafiz is there with me. i wonder whether he still remember me or not.

 Life in KL was easy. I guess that’s why people in KL tends to be selfish and arrogant. Because they don’t need you. Certainly you don’t need them. It is different in Limbang. People know about me days before I came. They know each other. It’s like you live in a place where everyone is a family member. the language is soft and gentle. No honking on the street. The pavement is clean. It’s a place good enough for you to raise a family. And that’s Limbang.

As for me, my struggle is far from finish. Although Limbang is a nice town, but I still feels like I wanna go home. I felt like the struggling that God has put in front of me is too heavy for me. I thought it will be going as plan..u know, my application for government’s housing. It turned out to be that I have to stay in hotel for 6 days.. my hope is that the electric company will install the meter as soon as possible, and that the water board will install the meter before I go there. Work is waiting for me in the office. I still have to think about transportation… basic necessities… and i’m i’m running out of cash. and i thank God that my parents willing to help me out. As for now, I have to paddle through the rough and stormy sea to get to the shore.. thank God there’s a lot of people who are willing to help me.

I’m glad that i’m going through this tough time now. I thank God for the opportunity to learn. so that in the future i will know what to do. as of now, all i need to do is wait. just have to wait until Monday.




Hi all,

It has been a while since the last time I posted something in my blog. Been kinda busy lately. With a lot of things going in and out of my mind. But hey, I must admit that I have pretty good life lately. You wanna know why? it is because i have been travelling around Malaysia for the upcoming GEMS new intake. When I heard that my boss wanna conduct an interview session in Kuantan, I was so thrill and trying my best to join. Fortunately, I was the one who managing the plan after my colleague pass the task to me. So I deliberately put my name in that list of those who are going to Kuantan. I don’t see anything wrong with it, first because I went there and I believe I have done a very good job. We managed to recruit few hundreds of people. Anyway, my team and I including my boss went for Kuantan last Tuesday and stayed in the newly open 5-Star hotel and that is Zenith Hotel. The hotel was opened I think not more than 1 year. It was not there before, I mean, It was not there when I was still in Kuantan back in 2005.

The moment we landed in Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport, I couldn’t help but trying to savor the moment, the air… I was so relief, relief to feel and be in Kuantan. The place that I grew up the most. Met a lot of wonderful people, fall in and out of love and learning to be what I am now. And so we took off to Kuantan town using a lousy cab. When we reached Zenith, I was so astonished to see how beautiful the hotel was. I never thought that something like this can be built up in Kuantan skyline.

The thing is that, I always wanted to come back to Kuantan. But when I did, it is actually, not the town that I missed the most, it’s the friends that I have , the companionship. I do missed the smell of the rain, the fog after the stormy weather, those kind of stuff that really wanna makes me go back to Kuantan, but without those who colored my life, It seems to be a bit meaningless.

I spent 4 nights in Kuantan, sempat la jugak pegi masuk POLISAS. Kenangan manis dan tak berapa nak manis semua tekeluar bila tgk student balik dari kelas, aku dgn azfar dok lepak kat bukit yg menghadap pemandang yg paling cantik, I guess, di POLISAS. Ok lah, i will upload some pics. Then u will know.



Hari ni aku kat LCCT. Nak kemana ya? Nak ke kota kinabalu la. Haha. It has been a while since last time i’ve been there. I miss my friends a lot. The truth is. What makes KK so special is that all the memories that i have felt during the past 3 years makes me and shaped me of who i am today. I thank God that He have given me the opportunity to know people and be friended with a lot of good people. And yes of course there hiccup somewhere in the middle of the journey, but i guess that is for my own goodness. I am much mature in thinking now than i used to be t years ago. Anyway, i am looking forward to revisit the familiar places that i miss the most during my uni years.

Aku bosan kat airport nih. Tebgah tunggu kawan aku sampai. Tadi aku dah hantar encik yamin. Aku tengah menunggu elly dan kawan beliau yang aku harap dapat sampai sebelum jam 9.  Apa apa hal pun, aku berharap semuanya berjalan dgn lancar. Aku nak enjoy to the max. Huhu

Doakan keselamatan kami. Semoga berkat Tuhan Yesus mengiringi perjalanan. Amin.


Hi there, semalam (8 Mar 2011) merupkan hari yang paling bermakna buat aku..nak tau kenapa? It’s my birthday baby! hahaha.. I was so grateful to God for all these years of up and down..Bitter and sweet.. I just love my life, I couldn’t ask for a better life than this! But the best thing about my birthday yesterday was not about the celebration because I didn’t celebrate it but because there was like 160 birthday wishes on my FB wall. I was like 2 out of 5 of my friends in FB wishes me the simple word but means so much to me..I was flattered.. truly.

So, frankly speaking, yesterday was my first day in my year-27. It was literally my new year! So, I have this one resolution that I kept to myself that I will not get married yet for this year. I am just not ready for that. A lot of my friends asked me, when will I get married.. I said “no way..I am not ready yet..the time will come for that.”..haha. The truth is, I want to enjoy my single life to the fullest. I want to travel the world, I want to be at the other side of the globe, I want to see experience new culture and get to know more people. For me, marriage can slow my dream down. I prefer single:-)

Anyway, for my 27 birthday I’ve rewarded myself with RM3360.00 worth of gift. something that i really want for all this time..and I hope I can get closer to my dream of getting a permanent job by the end of this year. I don’t want something that will be hitting me back at the end of the day. Just don’t get me wrong, I like what I’m doing now..but I am looking for something much more logical and sensible. I have a long term plan.. and what I do now does not allow me to reach to that long term plan.

I know..i know.. some people said that life is a journey not a destination..well, I like to live by holding to that philosophy..but at the end of the day, we as human needs some goal, a result of our long life journey. we need a place to stop and look back and said,”i have done this much greatness in my life, Thank God”..and that sense of achievement is actually a “destination” that you were looking for. Knowingly or unknowingly.

I hope I get to see another 27 years..not just 27..but another great moment, and achievement. Don’t force me to stop while i’m running, cause when put me on hold, u just wasting my time..To all my friend, thanks. This moment of my life makes me wanna keep on going and going. You might be successful than me, but remember, if u walk in my shoe even for a yard, then you will know how hard it will be by becoming a man named Ben.

My prayer is that I will grow stronger in God and you will start to believe that there hope and life in you believe in Christ. I just love u guys.

Thanks for reading this blog. Just remember, we are all human, the worst thing that you don’t want to be is being forgotten. Now, all of you still remember me..I will remember you too. Keep holding on to that yeah. Whatever it is in our life, we have to be really..really strong.

Thanks for all the wishes..thanks so much..

Muchas Gracias!




Going home...


Pe kabar, nak cerita sikit la pasal kehidupan kita sebagai manusia ni. Aku kadang-kadang pun kurang mengerti, actually, selalu tak mengerti kenapa ada org buat benda yang dorg buat. Hmm..aku tak tahu samada benda ni sensitif ke tidak, tapi terpulang la kepada setiap individu untuk menilai..sebenarnya benda yang aku nak cakap ni berkaitan dgn politik sikit, especially penglibatan org muda dlm dunia politik. macam yang kita sedia maklum sekarang politik situation kat Malaysia ni lebih dasyat dari mana-mana negara luar. sampai kita tak tau mana satu yang betul mana satu yang tak. Sebab tu la kalau korang cek fesbuk kawan-kwan korang. korang akan tengok ramai yang letak “political view” tu macam macam..ada yang letak parti politik cap ayam..parti politik cap apatahkebende..dan tak kurang jugak yang letak “atas pagar”. pernah tak korang terfikir kenapa benda tu jadi macam tu..satu teori aku ialah org muda dlm malaysia ni da jelak dgn berita politik yang terpampang setiap hari dgn berita parti ini menyalahkan parti itu, dan parti itu menyalahkan parti ini. for me, aku lebih suka tgk politik Amerika Syarikat, call me traitor, sukati korang la..at least kat sana tu ko takkan tengok apa yang berlaku kat malaysia ni..pengaruh perkauman teramat sangat tahap mahadewa kamehameha dia punya perkauman..ok, leave that aside. skg aku nak cerita sikit…pasal kehidupan kita org muda.

aku consider umur 18 sampai 35 tu kategori org muda..35 ke atas adalah dewasa..starting 65 baru org tua ok..ok, bila aku tengok kawan-kawan aku yang muda melibatkan diri dalam dunia politik pada usia yang muda, i will say to myself, such a waste. aku bercakap dalam konteks situasi politik d Malaysia lah..ni tak termasuk negara kat luar ok. sebab bagi aku banyak benda lain yang korang boleh buat daripada melibatkan diri dalam kancah politik..kalau muda tu, buat la benda-benda yang org muda buat, pegi enjoy. Enjoy tu byk maksudnya ok. bukan g kelab-ing 24 hours, pecah tulang lutut korang..maksud aku, enjoy being a young men/women. Hidup mesti happy maa..toksah nak pening2 kepala nak memikirkan pasal politik. sebab, apa yang korang boleh buat..korang buat macam mana pun, hasilnya tetap sama gak..makin teruk adalah..sebagai contoh, pilihan raya kampus kat UM baru-baru ni kecoh pasal calon kena culik lah..for me it is one of the most excellent fabricated politic scenario of all campuses political scene. dah tu, boleh plak si “mangsa” menang. Aku mmg dah agak dah. Bila ditanya polis, si mangsa diam sahaja. Kata si mangsa, dia tak ingat apa yang berlaku. ATAU, dia memilih utk tidak mengingati atau in other word, MeNIPU!..Anyway, dia da menang, cuba bayangkan kalu dia tak kena “culik” hari tu..korang rasa menang ke tak..aku rasa mungkin menang tapi tak majoriti..skg ni “mangsa” tu dapat undian “simpati” daripada mahasiswa yang takut atau paranoid benda tu akan berlaku kepada mereka jugak. Kan..masa muda habis dgn melakukan penipuan dan kelicikan..cuba lah habiskan masa tu pergi berseronok dgn kawan2..pergi camping, tgk movie, karaoke ke..buat social work, tolong org tua kat rumah org tua..buat keja amal..pahala dapat, ilmu pun tinggi..kalau melibatkan diri kat politik ni..otak korang akan tercemar dgn penipuan dan semua perkara keji yang ada.

bagi aku, kita kena belajar bersyukur, kalau kerajaan skg ni banyak melakukan perubahan dan menolong kita..sokong je lah..nak fikir banyak buat pening kepala..kalau kerajaan skg ni tak memuaskan, undila yang stu lagi..itu pun susah ka..personally, aku sokong kerajaan yang sekarang, sebab ada effort nak menyatukan rakyat malaysia. kalau hari tu mahathir masih jadik perdana menteri aku lagi sanggup keluar dari negara ni. anyway, aku cuma nak sampaikan pesanan yang jgn sia2kan hidup korang buat benda tak berfaedah. korang ada hak nak enjoy macam mana, tapi ingat..enjoy enjoy jugak..Jangan lupa Tuhan..sebab smuanya akan diperhitung mengikut perbuatan kita..korang pilih hidup yang byk penipuan, nasib la..aku pilih hidup simple..org memberi kita merasa, orang berbudi kita berbahasa..jangan lupa budi org yang da tolong kita..tu je..sokong je la mana2 parti politik yang korang rasa bagus..for me, cukupla aku sokong Najib dgn Idris Jala..Taib Mahmud?.hmmmmmm..susah nak cakap….hahahahahahaha



The awesome 4!


Hola, it’s late as usual… and I can’t sleep. I know this is not healthy. Haha. And for all the sudden I have this Idea that I wanted to put in my blog. It’s the top 5 places that you should visit before you go somewhere else. My top 5 are all in Malaysia because I never been out of this beloved country. I think we all have this one opinion that Malaysia is truly Asia. Basically we have everything here in Malaysia.

Anyway, all of the pictures are from my camera, BenQ, my late Sony Ericsson and the late Nokia 5300:-)

And so, these are my top 5.

Kuching City - The food, people, culture, nature, beautiful and clean city.

Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur - The beach, food, friendly people, nice mall, and the town itself.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - the island, highland, and nice mall.

Melaka - the history, culture, seafood and the city itself.

Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim - the food, culture, smile everywhere, nice and warmth people, the "jeruk"

Daripada korang bercita-cita nak g luar negara, sebelum tu, pegi dulu tempat2 ni.