Monthly Archives: April 2011



Hari ni aku kat LCCT. Nak kemana ya? Nak ke kota kinabalu la. Haha. It has been a while since last time i’ve been there. I miss my friends a lot. The truth is. What makes KK so special is that all the memories that i have felt during the past 3 years makes me and shaped me of who i am today. I thank God that He have given me the opportunity to know people and be friended with a lot of good people. And yes of course there hiccup somewhere in the middle of the journey, but i guess that is for my own goodness. I am much mature in thinking now than i used to be t years ago. Anyway, i am looking forward to revisit the familiar places that i miss the most during my uni years.

Aku bosan kat airport nih. Tebgah tunggu kawan aku sampai. Tadi aku dah hantar encik yamin. Aku tengah menunggu elly dan kawan beliau yang aku harap dapat sampai sebelum jam 9.  Apa apa hal pun, aku berharap semuanya berjalan dgn lancar. Aku nak enjoy to the max. Huhu

Doakan keselamatan kami. Semoga berkat Tuhan Yesus mengiringi perjalanan. Amin.