Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hi all,

It has been a while since the last time I posted something in my blog. Been kinda busy lately. With a lot of things going in and out of my mind. But hey, I must admit that I have pretty good life lately. You wanna know why? it is because i have been travelling around Malaysia for the upcoming GEMS new intake. When I heard that my boss wanna conduct an interview session in Kuantan, I was so thrill and trying my best to join. Fortunately, I was the one who managing the plan after my colleague pass the task to me. So I deliberately put my name in that list of those who are going to Kuantan. I don’t see anything wrong with it, first because I went there and I believe I have done a very good job. We managed to recruit few hundreds of people. Anyway, my team and I including my boss went for Kuantan last Tuesday and stayed in the newly open 5-Star hotel and that is Zenith Hotel. The hotel was opened I think not more than 1 year. It was not there before, I mean, It was not there when I was still in Kuantan back in 2005.

The moment we landed in Sultan Ahmad Shah Airport, I couldn’t help but trying to┬ásavor┬áthe moment, the air… I was so relief, relief to feel and be in Kuantan. The place that I grew up the most. Met a lot of wonderful people, fall in and out of love and learning to be what I am now. And so we took off to Kuantan town using a lousy cab. When we reached Zenith, I was so astonished to see how beautiful the hotel was. I never thought that something like this can be built up in Kuantan skyline.

The thing is that, I always wanted to come back to Kuantan. But when I did, it is actually, not the town that I missed the most, it’s the friends that I have , the companionship. I do missed the smell of the rain, the fog after the stormy weather, those kind of stuff that really wanna makes me go back to Kuantan, but without those who colored my life, It seems to be a bit meaningless.

I spent 4 nights in Kuantan, sempat la jugak pegi masuk POLISAS. Kenangan manis dan tak berapa nak manis semua tekeluar bila tgk student balik dari kelas, aku dgn azfar dok lepak kat bukit yg menghadap pemandang yg paling cantik, I guess, di POLISAS. Ok lah, i will upload some pics. Then u will know.