Missing KL…


Dah berdebu dah aku punya blog nih. Dah lama tak menulis something. Usually when I did not post something, it means, that i have something important to do. And yes, i am not in KL anymore. Actually i’m typing this blog in a far away land and that land was called Limbang. Sandwiched between Negara Brunei Darussallam, Limbang has something unique..culturally. People here don’t speak in Bahasa Melayu Sarawak, they sounded more like Sabahan and it feels like i’m in Sabah right now. It’s unique.

And so here i am. As a government servant, i don’t really have a choice when it comes to job placement. Limbang is quite far from kuching. and to go back to kuching, i need to get on board on two planes. which is for me, it is quite a journey. First, go to Limbang Town from Tedungan, then head for the airport. get on board to Miri. And from Miri, baru fly ke Kuching. Agak tiring lah.

Anyway, all i wanted to write is actually about KL. I think I miss Kuala Lumpur so much. I had an relatively easy but empty life in Kuala Lumpur. Since i’m not into clubs or night scenes, for me, what i missed the most is my friends. i enjoyed watching movies, strolling in the massive malls, eating and trying some new food, go to the bookstore and savoring the smells of thousands and thousands of new books. Sometimes, I just sat there at the food court and watch the crowd. Learning their behavior..

Every time I see KLCC in the television, I always say to myself, “I’ve been there, in fact, I worked there once… ” I used to come to the office at level 34 and just seat at the corner of the office just to see the sun goes down. it’s a beautiful view. and i miss that. sometimes, Hafiz is there with me. i wonder whether he still remember me or not.

 Life in KL was easy. I guess that’s why people in KL tends to be selfish and arrogant. Because they don’t need you. Certainly you don’t need them. It is different in Limbang. People know about me days before I came. They know each other. It’s like you live in a place where everyone is a family member. the language is soft and gentle. No honking on the street. The pavement is clean. It’s a place good enough for you to raise a family. And that’s Limbang.

As for me, my struggle is far from finish. Although Limbang is a nice town, but I still feels like I wanna go home. I felt like the struggling that God has put in front of me is too heavy for me. I thought it will be going as plan..u know, my application for government’s housing. It turned out to be that I have to stay in hotel for 6 days.. my hope is that the electric company will install the meter as soon as possible, and that the water board will install the meter before I go there. Work is waiting for me in the office. I still have to think about transportation… basic necessities… and i’m i’m running out of cash. and i thank God that my parents willing to help me out. As for now, I have to paddle through the rough and stormy sea to get to the shore.. thank God there’s a lot of people who are willing to help me.

I’m glad that i’m going through this tough time now. I thank God for the opportunity to learn. so that in the future i will know what to do. as of now, all i need to do is wait. just have to wait until Monday.




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